Private Equity

Since 1995, Hudson has provided due diligence and analysis, asset management, and ancillary and other support services to the private equity firm Lone Star Funds (“Lone Star”) as well as to the private equity funds advised by Lone Star Global Acquisitions, Ltd. (the “Lone Star Funds”) and their investments, which include investments in operating companies.

Hudson’s corporate private equity teams are organized by region and currently manage around 20 operating companies and loan platforms in which the Lone Star Funds have invested significant capital. The team consists of seasoned professionals who know how to direct highly capable management teams to deliver successful outcomes for investors.

Hudson’s corporate private equity teams support Lone Star Funds through the life cycle of an investment, beginning with identifying opportunities to deploy capital in asset-heavy companies facing special situations, including liquidity constraints. Hudson assists in underwriting, including developing strategies for corporate turnarounds.

Key underwriting and asset management functions provided by Hudson include:

Acquisition due diligence, evaluation, and execution

Financing and capital markets advisory

Financial analytics, controlling, and reporting

Senior executive talent management

Strategy development and initiative execution

Investment monetization

Once a Lone Star Fund acquires an operating company, Hudson’s asset management process involves deep engagement with C-level executives at the relevant operating company to:

  • Set strategy
  • Identify and align on key value creation priorities – including asset / divisional divestitures and bolt-on acquisitions
  • Define expected investment monetization alternatives

Hudson, together with Lone Star, oversees operating company assets totaling more than $22 billion as of December 31, 2020. Representative investments1 owned by certain of the Lone Star Funds and asset-managed by Hudson today include:


Xella, an international leader in manufacturing building materials, headquartered in Germany.


Evoca, a leading global company in the Out-of-Home Coffee machine industry, headquartered in Italy.


Arclin, a leading provider of resin-based systems and surface overlays for the building, design, energy, agriculture, and other industries, headquartered in Georgia in the U.S.

MBCC Group
MBCC Group, a leading global supplier of construction chemicals, headquartered in Germany.

1 All representative investments and transactions are for illustrative purposes only. Investments and transactions were not selected on performance-based criteria, but rather to display the diversity of our experience.

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Private Equity

Seasoned professionals who know how to direct highly capable management teams to deliver successful outcomes for investors.

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