Corporate Private Equity

Hudson provides Lone Star, one of the world’s leading global private equity firms, with a wide range of corporate private equity-related services throughout the investment life cycle.


Since 2014, Hudson has underwritten $392.5 billion in corporate private equity-related opportunities.

Our extensive underwriting capabilities involve analyzing investment opportunities’ risk/reward profiles and understanding the macro drivers of business performance. As a critical part of our risk/reward framework, we perform a detailed analysis of management’s operating plan, assess the skills and capabilities of the management team, and identify business growth levers to focus on high-potential opportunities and manage risks effectively.

Asset Management

Since 1995, Hudson has managed $55.5 billion in corporate private equity-related investments acquired by volume.

Representative investments include:i

AOC, a global manufacturer of specialty chemical formulations in the sectors of unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl resins, is headquartered in the United States.
Evoca, a global company in the Out-of-Home Coffee machine industry, is headquartered in Italy.
SPX Flow, a global manufacturer of mission-critical components to the flow control and process equipment sector for various end markets, is headquartered in the United States.
Xella, an international manufacturing building materials company, is headquartered in Germany.
XSYS, a developer and supplier of printing plates, sleeves and adapters, and pre-press equipment to the packaging industry, is headquartered in Germany.

iAll representative investments and transactions are for illustrative purposes only. Investments and transactions were not selected on performance-based criteria but rather to display the diversity of our experience.

Hudson is responsible for in-depth engagement with C-level executives at the relevant operating company. Key elements include analyzing and monitoring the ongoing operating plan for value-driven strategies, performing ongoing analysis of portfolio company opportunities for growth and cost reduction, monitoring portfolio company M&A processes and integration, and developing investment business plans, including approving annual company operating budgets to set clear financial goals.

Capital Markets

Hudson is experienced in providing financing solutions for corporate private equity-related transactions, facilitating the closing of $30.5 billion in financing for the purchase or recapitalization of corporate private equity-related investments.

Hudson’s dedicated capital markets professionals assist in financing counterparty selection, structuring, negotiation, and legal documentation. We provide financing execution planning, including the facilitation of diligence and roadshow preparation. Additionally, our team develops capital structure recapitalization strategies to accelerate returns, lower the cost of capital and manage risk.

Portfolio Management

Hudson maintains a distinct cash-flow model for each investment. This model serves as the foundation for the continuous assessment of progress by the value-creation plan and supports the exit strategy.

Exit Planning & Execution

Since 1995, Hudson has assisted Lone Star in the disposal or partial disposal of 46 corporate private equity-related investments acquired.

When the decision to initiate the exit process is made, Hudson will provide comprehensive assistance, including exit strategy development, broker engagement and monitoring, and facilitation of the exit due diligence process until closing.

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