Real Estate

Hudson has global experience, having managed commercial real estate assets since 1995 across asset classes and property types, including direct real estate, commercial real estate-secured non-performing and performing loans, corporate-related real estate investments, and CMBS.

Commercial Real Estate

Hudson provides Lone Star, one of the world’s leading global private equity firms, with a wide range of commercial real estate advisory services throughout the investment life cycle.

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Since 2014, Hudson has underwritten $618.0 billion in CRE opportunities.

Our extensive underwriting capabilities involve detailed asset-level valuations of equity, debt, and corporate-related real estate investments. Hudson drives the due diligence effort on behalf of the Lone Star Funds, including evaluating risks and mitigants and assisting in developing an asset-level value-creation plan.

Our CRE underwriting experience is broad-based across regions:


$207.9 billion
of CRE underwriting volume;
broad experience in both tertiary and major markets


$252.5 billion
of CRE underwriting volume;
deep knowledge of a diverse region

Asia Pacific

$157.6 billion
of CRE underwriting volume;
26 years of investment experience in Japan

Asset Management

Since 1995, Hudson has managed $111.6 billion in CRE investments acquired by volume.

Hudson is responsible for executing the value-creation plan on an asset-by-asset basis, which includes lease-up and asset stabilization efforts. Asset managers oversee property managers and loan servicers, and construction specialists manage construction efforts, including capital planning and funding.

Our CRE asset management experience is broad-based across regions:


$30.7 billion
of CRE investments managed


$53.9 billion
of CRE investments managed

Asia Pacific

$27.0 billion
of CRE investments managed

Capital Markets

Hudson is experienced in providing financing solutions for commercial real estate transactions, facilitating the closing of $73.3 billion in financing for the purchase or recapitalization of real estate debt and equity collateral across asset classes and property types.

Capital market professionals identify financing counterparties, assist with term negotiations, and close investment financings. Hudson holds responsibility for counterparty debt compliance and restructuring as necessary.

Portfolio Management

Hudson builds and maintains complex investment-level models, aggregating cash-flow returns and projections at an asset level for portfolios that may span multiple properties, property managers, and servicers, facilitating strategic decision-making and scenario analysis.

Exit Planning & Execution

Since 1995, Hudson has assisted Lone Star in the disposal or partial disposal of 331 CRE investments acquired.

Hudson manages the asset disposition process, including marketing strategy, broker engagement, counterparty diligence, and sale agreement terms.


Single-Family Residential Real Estate

Hudson Homes Management LLC (“Hudson Homes”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hudson, is a vertically integrated service provider designed to acquire and manage single-family residential homes across the U.S.

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Hudson Homes

Hudson Homes was established in 2018 to provide a fully integrated life cycle management solution for U.S. single-family homes.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Hudson Homes employs 276 individuals and manages 10,415 single-family residential properties in 61 markets.

Hudson Homes was purpose-built with a national footprint and capabilities, including acquisitions, property management and leasing, construction and maintenance, and dispositions.

Together, Hudson and Hudson Homes provide:

  • Extensive experience and real-time market knowledge
  • Institutional quality services and a national platform 
  • Fully-integrated single-family residential management solution
  • Significant geographic presence
  • Technology to support scale